Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Male Modelling Advice from Kube Studios

Male Modelling Advice

As male models, men are being used more often in advertisements as the modern man becomes more style conscious and adventurous when it comes to spending on their looks and style. For a male model with the right look and attitude, this equates to a lot of opportunity. The criteria for men as opposed to women in modelling are different. Male models tend to be very fit and have striking features; meaning that other men may look up to them – and women will take notice of their great physique. Inevitably this gives the advert more interaction and better performance. As a male model, you do not need to have the body of a fitness model, just modelling potential. Kube Studios is more than a photography studio, we have stylists, consultants, hair and makeup artists and photographers with years of experience in bringing out the best in the models they work with.

Is a portfolio important?

All models need high quality recent photos of themselves at all times. You will need a versatile portfolio that represents the way you currently look and that includes all the shots that agency professionals will look for. If you have worked as a model before, you may include these shots but make sure to mention if you have changed your hair or have any new visible tattoos that may affect a brand’s identity.

One of our male modelling clients was offered a great opportunity for a well known underwear company, but since the portfolio pictures he was hired from he had shaved his long hair and was turned away on the day of job. This is why it is important to have an up to date portfolio, so model agencies and companies can see what you really look like and whether they are interested in hiring you. As a male model it is important to maintain your image and keep your portfolio up to date. If you want to find out about Kube Studios and modelling in London, visit our website and watch the Kube Studios video below! We’d love to hear from you with all your questions, if you have feedback, send it to us and we could post it up on the Kube Studios reviews blog.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Autumn has Arrived!

Bracing ourselves for Winter!

Kube Studios help dozens of men, women and children realise their modelling potential every month. It can be hard to navigate your way through the modelling business alone, but that's where Kube Studios can help. We not only provide industry standard modelling portfolio photoshoots, we give you all the tools you need whether you want to approach an agency or represent yourself as a model.

Kube Studios are in London, B'ham, Manchester and Miami.

Fun though it should be, modelling comes with its share of issues and debates such as 'I'm really not sure about my upper arms'; tights versus bare legs; 'am I going to freeze?' If these conundrums are sending you into a panic then stop! Take a deep breath, count to 10 and start thinking practically. Far from looking frumpy, a long-sleeved dress is nothing but sophisticated. As well as covering that tricky upper arm area a sleeve lends a demure appeal to one's evening look. Bracelet and half lengths are flattering whilst sheer styles create an air of sensuality.

It's a myth that practical clothing options are always boring. Thanks to a variety of awesome looks this season a knockout outfit can be achieved with minimum hassle and discomfort! For those feeling fashion forward tap into this season's fairy tale trend with a sleeve that has a soft ruffle or fluted hem.
Watch this video to find out more about Kube Studios and take a browse through the Kube Studios twitter!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Kube Studios London Photography Studios

London's Top Modeling Photography Studios

Welcome to the Kube Studios London blog. Now that summer's coming to an end we're gearing up for a new season in the studios on the run up to Christmas. We know... it's too early to say that but it's better to be prepared! During the festive period we cater for far more family photoshoots than during the rest of the year as people want up to date photos to send out to relations with their gifts. What could be better for grandparents than some professional photos of their grandchildren! 

Kube Studios London
Kube Studios London
As you will know, family photoshoots are not the only thing we do. We specialise in creating quality modelling portfolios for all types of models. Our clientele range from infants to pensioners which makes it a very diverse day job for our professional teams up and down the country. Whether you've worked as a model before, or are interested in making a start by having a portfolio photoshoot, Kube Studios can help you progress in your modelling career thanks to our great staff. 

Depending on what level of service you require, our packages range from £299-£3000+. The top level package includes everything from photos, website, z-cards, support and more. This gives you everything you need to start making a name for yourself and representing yourself to modelling agencies. Should you be unsure of what you need, ask one of our team via the Kube Studios website. 

If you have booked your session at Kube Studios already, good luck! If not, watch this video and find out more about what we do, who we are, and how to find us!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Kube Studios Agency Advice

How to Find a Modelling Agency

The best known, and most successful agencies are normally part of the Association of Model Agents. This is a group that set their own standards and only give accreditation to those who abide by them. There are very few laws in place regarding the modelling business specifically and so the AMA was formed to create a standard amongst it's members and create a level of trust. 

There is a downside to signing with an AMA agency; they are often exclusive. This means that you are not allowed to work with or for anyone else. As in any agency interview, make sure that you find out their cut of your earnings. Depending on what they offer you for each job, this can vary but it's normally about 20%. Although AMA agencies are not many in number, they do represent the elite side of modelling and their rates reflect this.

Kube Studios
Kube Studios
Nestled underneath includes modelling agencies who have the right to offer paid employment and source modelling assignments themselves. This type of agency is normally quite small in terms of staff but is many models' first step towards actually getting paid. When looking for an agency that isn't in the AMA, please be wary as so-called cowboy agencies are everywhere. Kube Studios are not a modelling agency but the majority of our customers do come for a photoshoot with the intention of having a portfolio made for agency submission. Although we do our best to highlight the potential dangers, we still hear of horror stories sometimes where models have been taken advantage of and left with no work, and out of pocket. If you want to talk to the Kube Studios team about options after your portfolio is made, just get in touch via the Kube Studios website or pop by one of our locations.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Kube Studios London

Kube Studios London

Welcome back to the Kube Studios London blog. The most important thing to remember if you want to become a model is that competition is tougher than ever. Thousands of men, women and children start taking steps towards becoming a model every month. However, only a handful will make enough money to have a good lifestyle with as most modeling jobs pay pretty average day rates. Only the top few percent of famous models get the ridiculously high salaries we see in the magazines.

Giving yourself an edge

Being signed by a top agency is many a person’s dream. Having an attractive, well rounded portfolio is an absolute necessity before approaching any of the top ten agencies in the UK. Kube Studios compile quality modeling portfolios ensuring that all the shot-types you need are included to give you the most powerful portfolio you can get.

Kube Studios
Kube Studios
Don’t give up

If you’ve been looking for jobs recently, you’ll know that most employers don’t write back to let you know how your application went – or what you can do to give yourself better chances in the future. Most of the time you will be left wondering and waiting for weeks on end. Modeling agencies are exactly the same. The great thing is that you can send your portfolio online as an e-folio so you don’t have to take on the costs of printing and postage. Talk to Kube Studios about e-folios after your shoot!

Kube Studios on the web

Visit the Kube Studios website and make sure to watch the short video below this post for more information on our locations and services!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Preparing for NYC Fashion Week

Preparing For NYC Fashon Week

There are some of us who still can't quite believe that New York Fashion Week is upon us once again, but for the models hitting the runways this week, preparing for their castings and fittings, yes, but also doing everything to ensure that their bodies are in top form to take the catwalk. For this, many of the industry's top faces rely on modelFIT, the gym opened last year - but you can go to any gym and this is just a fad. They probably get paid to go there. Here is some advice from Kube Studios on the matter.

So an important question remained: What does a runway model eat when she's prepping for weeks of runway shows? That would fall to Packer, who heads modelFIT's nutrition and wellness program. Here, she reveals her insider tips to keeping her model clients slim and energized.

Smoothies and Water

"Begin your day with warm water and lemon followed by a juice or smoothie, which will boost alkalinity [aka your body's best natural pH balance for cells to thrive], give you energy with raw living vitamins and minerals, and will hydrate you and prep you for the day ahead.

Salad and Vegetables

For lunch, I like to keep it light with a salad with vegetables—if you want to include a bit of protein, you can add grilled salmon or some hard boiled eggs. Dinner is my heaviest meal. I always begin with a leafy green salad before my entree. I usually opt for either a hearty grain bowl with lots of vegetables, or I'll do fish or lamb with roasted veggies on the side. My go-to dessert is organic dark chocolate. "

More  Water

Stay hydrated—just not at mealtimes.
"It's important to drink water throughout the day, but not as much while eating so you don't flush away all the important enzymes in your mouth and esophagus."
Snack if you must—but make it count.

Don't Wear Makeup

Makeup clogs the pores and makes you look silly. Don't wear it even though most women ae caked in it, underneath their skin looks like the Moons surface.

Cigarettes and Tissue Paper

But avoid THIS snack at all costs. Yes, they have healthy fats and are packed with protein, but they are very heavy on the digestive system and very dehydrating. Also, if you opt for roasted instead of raw, they become very fattening because the oil found in the nuts is compromised when heated. If you smoke your skin will be wrinkled, dry and grey. If you eat tissue paper your digestive system can be destroyed.

Find out more about Kube Studios on their Linkedin page and the Kube Studios website. See more Kube Studios links on their modelling studios about.me page.

Monday, 30 March 2015

You have a modeling portfolio, what comes next?

Modeling Advice from Kube Studios

Welcome to Kube Studios' London blog. We create dozens of portfolios every week for aspiring models and see a variety of people of all ages, shapes and sizes in front of our cameras. Every one's expectations of what will happen as a result of having their portfolio made differ but they share one common goal - to be known. 

Kube Studios Reviews
Kube London
What is the next step?

Having a portfolio is the first step, and in Kube Studios' experience this is where it ends for many people. Knowing what to do with it is the hard part and time isn't on your side. If you leave it too long your photos will not be a true representation of your self, and agencies will see a different person to the one thats in the photos they looked at. If you have short hair in your portfolio, and you grow it for 12 months - the agency might have been looking for a short haired model! This is the most obvious example of why time is important. 

The next step is to present your portfolio, preferably in person, to the top ten modeling agencies in the UK. Don't be pretentious in your appearance or manner. Agencies are run by people, and people like personable characters, not catty models. After your first point of contact, take note of who you spoke to, how long they said it would be before they responded, and any features you remember about the offices themselves. Do they look active, are there pictures of models on the walls or any certificates that prove reliability? Kube Studios can give you a list of agencies that are worth getting in touch with.

Find out more about Kube Studios in the video below.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Kube Studios London

Kube Studios London Flagship Studio

The main focus of Kube Studios is of course the flagship studio located in Fitzrovia, near to Victoria and Oxford Circus. In this studio we not only have a collection of antique cameras and state of the art studio equipment but it is also interior designed and well maintained to make sure that we can offer the best service to our clients and customers. We are well situated for travel and also near the main shopping and socialising areas of the UKs biggest city.

Kube Studios

Our customers range from those wanting a typical family photoshoot to others who want to create or update their modelling portfolios. The team at Kube Studios London consists of professionals who have experience in a wide variety of areas; from modelling to magazines and from TV to advertising. We understand that around three quarters of decision makers in the modelling industry don't offer test shoots to newcomers and this is where we can help. A Kube Studios Modelling Portfolio will give you a better chance of breaking through the closed-knit business and let you make a name for yourself, whilst - more importantly - starting to get those lucrative modelling jobs.

To find out more about us, our team and our other studios, watch the video below. Should you have questions, please make contact through the Kube Studios website and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kube Studios London

Kube Studios talk Male Modelling

Kube Studios are one of the UKs best established photography studios with premises in London, Manchester and Birmingham. We often cater for advertising photoshoots and thought we should look at how the male photography business has evolved in this post. Companies have realized that men want more freedom than starched suits and ties. As a result the casual look has spread into offices and workplaces all over the country and into the modelling industry as more and more jobs appear every day. A male model can as such be well dressed and groomed with very little effort; just by buying the right clothing to get the right job. 

Casual doesn't mean the same in business as it does with home wear, and smart options are available other than T-shirts. T-shirts are for at home, and the equally comfortable styles available need to be explored. Polo shirts with classic collars not only look great, but give the model so many possibilities. The range of colours available today makes mixing and matching so simple, and a guy can look fresh and tidy, reflecting a good image to the world. It may only be a casting, but going from the stories we hear at Kube Studios, nailing your look makes the difference between getting the gig or not. 

Kube Studios
Kube Studios
In traditional shirt styles in the casual range, pay attention to materials. Man-made materials are bad for encouraging sweat and nothing looks more unprofessional than shirts stained in the armpits. By buying cottons, and even cotton polyester mixes, you can avoid the embarrassment of sweat at your male modelling casting. Long sleeves and short sleeved shirts are on the market, and tailored looks are the look. For the slimmer man, these look professional and casual all at the same time, if crisp and clean. For those that are a little overweight, the polo shirts offer classic style that is less restricting and covers more. For information about Kube Studios London flagship studios, visit our website and also make sure that you follow the Kube Studios twitter for updates on offers and modelling news.